Friday, December 9, 2016

Final Blog Post

   In my Electronic Media class I have picked up so many skills. I even learned more about different social media websites and started new accounts. There are so many advantages when it comes to social websites. There is even a professional website for the work force. Doing these projects helped me set up for life after college and helped build up my portfolio.
   Twitter is a handle that most people go on to chat with friends and stay updated with trending topics and such. It is probably one of the social media handles that I actually visit on the daily for a laugh or so. My twitter name is @StepInsideTea and I created this account for a more professional panel. I wanted to do things off an account that was not so personal.
    LinkedIn is definitely a professional type of social media handle. It is for people in the workplace to stay connected or even to get a better understanding of someone. This is how you keep in contact with colleagues and future bosses. You can find me as 'Lynn McGrier'.
   On Prezi, I did my presentation on my Favorite top 10 portfolio pictures that I took this fall. They turn out was great! I chose the presentation with the circles. It was easier to me and it looked better for my portfolio than any other theme.
   For the green screen project "Where I Want To Be" was me, simply getting a picture taken in front of the green screen and I had to edit it on Adobe Premiere Pro. I edited my green screen photo onto a news station. I want to be a news anchor so of course I the news station would be the first place I edit my picture onto. I then found some really cool effects I could put on my photo so I did that just do stand out a little bit from my classmates. I wanted to try something new.
This is the final result!

   For the Kizoa slideshow that I did, it was based around the SC State Bulldog Hunt. I went around campus and captured pictures of bulldog statues that I saw around.
   I did my Classmate Feature Story on Dominique Bryant. He is a football player here at South Carolina State University that aspires to be an athletic trainer. I actually enjoyed interviewing him because in just the brief amount of time that we had together, I pretty much knew him better than most people here on campus.
   I enjoyed myself a lot in this class. I learned how to still be professional on social media and how edit slideshows by just playing around with Prezi and Kizoa. Especially with the green screen, I learned how to photoshop photos and edit them with different types of filter and all. Technology is really advanced now and it takes a lot of knowledge to understand how to use certain sites. This class was helpful to me because the techniques that I have learned will be put to use for my own special projects and portfolio that I plan on creating for my future communications job. Learning about my classmates and working with them was definitely the best part of it all. Being able to do hands on things is what makes the learning process more efficient. 

Wednesday, November 30, 2016

Staying Private On Social Media

It is not hard to learn about people when we have social media. Social media tells all of our business because we allow it to. We answer question like "where do you live?" and "where do you work?". we deal with an easier way to get access to people's information.

If you were confused as to why our parents were strict about us using Myspace, then now you understand.

It is truly an invasion of privacy, but we allow it to happen. We think it is okay to post 'what we are doing' and 'what's on our mind'. We sometimes go overboard too. Some people post about break ups and talk about their sexual lives at times and that just be too much information that everyone should not know about.

Social Media is to keep in touch with people but unfortunately, very often, we add strangers.

Why do we add strangers on social media? (Join the conversation on twitter: @StepInsideTea)

You should always stay cautious and keep your private life PRIVATE. I know that we live in a society where social media is a must have, but you can still be private rather than throwing your business out there. Social Media is definitely entertainment and it is very fun. Throw your personal stuff into a journal.

Many jobs watch their employees on social media, so yes, be very mindful about what you post on these websites.

Tuesday, November 29, 2016

Let's Talk Politics

Politics are always at an all time, but it has been buzzing ever since the elections. Now I will not be biased due to the fact that my opinion may not be everyone else's. So, let us chat a little bit. 

We have so many different viewpoints about our new president, Donald Trump. Some are for it and some are seriously against him being in office due to no experience. 
He has been saying plenty of information dealing with irrelevant topics. He is against the recount and feels as though it is pointless.
If the recount is pointless, how come numerous people are for it? 
People have been roiting and protesting him becoming the next president of the United States. 

On today, he spoke about how people should have a consequence if they burn the American Flag. If you really think about it, is he trying to go against people's right to freedom of speech? Join me on twitter @StepInsideTea to chat about this story and more!

Thursday, November 3, 2016

The End is Near

 You have officially stepped inside for tea!!
Time Magazine has released it's new cover!
Presidential candidates Donald Trump and Hilary Clinton are pictured on the cover together holding a sign that reads "The end is near". The covers could have various meanings to it. 

The end is near could have many meanings but I want to know what your thoughts are!
Mention me on my twitter and let's chat! @StepInsideTea 

Read more on Times Magazine's new cover today! 

Ready to Turn Over Graduation Tassel

Dominique Bryant, a South Carolina native, dreams of one day moving to Atlanta, GA to reach his all time goal of being an athletic trainer.  
Dominique Bryant was born on January 2, 1994 in Lake City, SC. While growing up, Bryant had to deal with the separation of his parents, his dad relocating to Florida, and taking care of his younger sister, Latique. Bryant attended his family's church every sunday where he would sing with the church's choir. Dominique explored a new hobby, though singing in a choir was fun, Bryant decided that he wanted to explore more about to art of music. He picked up skills like reading music and playing the drums. 
Bryant is a very observant and laid-back kind of person. As he got older he started to become more aware of his surroundings and people's ways. Everything seemed more clear and he then knew what he wanted to do with his life. 
Dominique dwells on the lost of his cousin who passed in a car accident. He wishes that he could go back in time and change the whole routine of that traumatic day. His cousins are his best friends and are closest to him. He does not work hard only for himself but for them as well. Although its a struggle dealing with the lost of a cousin, he still manages ti pave a way and lead by example for the others.
High school approached and Bryant was ready to get his foot in the door for his future career. Bryant attended Lake City High School and played numerous sports varying from soccer, basketball, and football. Football was definitely Bryant's strong suit and it scored him a football scholarship at the illustrious S.C. State University. 
Bryant currently majors in Sports Communications here at S.C. State University. He works hard and plays even harder. Dominique Bryant will be turning his tassel May 2017, which is approaching quickly. All of his hard work will finally be worth something and he is ready to go out into the real world as an educated black man.

Monday, October 17, 2016

Tidal Benefit Concert

    You have officially stepped inside for tea!!

   On Saturday, October 15th, 2016, Tidal (ran by Jay-Z) had a benefit concert with many popular celebrities. Tidal was released back in October 2014. The company has had problems when they first launched their music app. Many people did not want to pay so much to hear their favorite artists but when people realized that their favorite artists music would only be released on there it made people subscribe. Tidal has been progressing over that past two years and have a huge fan base. Artists like Beyonce, Nicki Minaj, Alicia Keys, and Kanye West has helped the tidal fan base grow.
      The Tidal Benefit Concert was held in the Barclay's Center in Brooklyn, NY. The concert was definitely crowded and lasted the whole Saturday night. Beyonce had an incredible performance but there was a minor accident during. She ripped her earring out of her ear while performing. Fans continue to praise her for not stopping. She hit every note and every dance move. Beyonce is definitely a awesome performer for keeping her cool.
       Hip-Hop artist, Nicki Minaj, received bad comments on her performance at the major concert. While some were entertained by her twerking, other just could not deal anyore. People say they are tired of her twerking her "fake butt". They say that it barely moved but her back was the main thing moving. Nicki Minaj brought out Hip-Hop artist, Fetty Wap, to perform his song "Trap Queen" which was a hit in 2014. Along with everyone else, we are waiting for the next concert in 2017. We will stay tuned with more celebrity new.
 Hear all about it on my youtube channel

Thursday, September 29, 2016


Pinterest has never really interested me as a social network to go on and express myself. Pinterest is sort of like a collage that you can create on a computer and share it with other people. You may even meet someone who is interested in the things that you are.
Pinterest is definitely a social network for people who are open-minded and do not mind exploring and experimenting with something new.
One of my pinterest boards deals with weddings. Every little girl wants to come up with her own dream wedding. It is sill a hobby for me to look at dresses and designs for how I would want to profess my love for someone.
Another one of my pinterest boards deals with fashion. Fashion plays a big part in my life. I love that I can show people what my style is like and the type of clothes that I prefer.
I have a beauty board for females that are into beauty and hairstyles and stuff.

The main thing that I dislike about pinterest is that it is less posting about you in writing and only pictures. I am big on expressing my feelings in a few words, so people can understand how my mind works.